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Bumble Books submission guidelines



Bumble welcomes submissions in English from new children’s authors; illustrators; author and illustrator teams; and illustrators who are writers.


We only consider narratives of 32-48 pages suitable for early reader (age 0 – 8) picture books preferably with a universal, non-didactic theme. Bumble Books does NOT accept submissions in rhyme.


We require the following:

1.       About you – brief paragraph 100 words maximum – not a cv please.

2.       Brief synopsis – 150 words maximum

3.       The complete manuscript – word document, double line spaced, pages numbered, no images please

4.       Sample illustration – linear or colour – low resolution pdf or jpeg


And a few questions

1.       Why do you think your book is important?

2.       Who do you think will buy your book?

3.       Is your manuscript – including artwork – complete?

4.       Are you prepared to promote your book?

Please note: Bumble Books does not supply Readers' Reports on submitted manuscripts. Please allow at least four to six weeks for a response. Email your submission to: or if you have any questions contact us here

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