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When cousins Dusty Rhodes and Bob Wyre are asked to save a mysterious colony of bees, they must follow a honeyguide across Africa, through border posts and foul weather - all the way to the Rainbow’s Heart. But will they be in time to rescue the bees and will their plan to save them work?


Book Details:
RELEASE: January 2016
TITLE: The Rainbow’s Heart
Richard Latimer
PUBLISHER: Bumble Books
ISBN: 978-0-9802610-1-1
GENRE: Children’s 5-10 years
FORMAT: Soft cover
SIZE: 285 x 215 mm
RRP: £ 7.99 (ZAR149.00 incl VAT)


About the author/illustrator:

Richard Latimer has an affinity for the visual arts, be it line, colour or solid. He has exhibited sculpture and paintings at the Grahamstown Festival as well as at the Ann Bryant Art Gallery in East London where one of his sculptures is in the permanent collection. His professional career as an architect heightened his interest in drawing, illustration and design and helped him to think in pictures. Currently, Richard devotes much of his time to writing and illustrating his own books.

Rainbow's Heart

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