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Mu is home alone – and afraid to be all by herself. What’s more she can hear scratching and sighing!
Whatever can it be? Is it a wolf perhaps? What can she do? Will Mu’s mom get home in time?

Book Details:
RELEASE: September 2014
TITLE: Mu’s Wolf Problem
PUBLISHER: Bumble Books
ISBN: 978-0-9802610-4-2
GENRE: Children’s 5-10 years
FORMAT: Soft cover
SIZE: 210 x 210 mm
RRP: £ 7.99 (ZAR149.00 incl VAT)


About the author/illustrator:

Maria Lebedeva was born in Moscow and arrived in South Africa at the age of 6 and now lives and works in Johannesburg. She holds a Master’s Degree in Visual Art: Illustration from Stellenbosch University. Her illustrations are created using mixed media techniques which give her work a distinctively whimsical and original style. Maria’s work captures in-between moments, memories, and observations from life, mixed with folk-tale influences. Mu’s Wolf Problem is Maria’s first children’s picture book.

Mu's Wolf Problem

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