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Goggy is hungry and his tummy is growling. He can’t decide what to eat. So he looks at his cat, who know what he wants, “Ah! banana bread, what a treat!” Go with Goggy and his cat to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for a simple to make banana bread, Help Goggy prepare the bread for baking and enjoy the result! The perfect read for mums, dads and carers to keep hungry tots up to six years old entertained and introduce them to identifying colours, shapes, sizes, and uantities – and eat a delicious banana bread, too


Book Details:

RE-RELEASE: New design and format 2018
TITLE: Goggy Bakes Banana Bread / Goggy Bak Piesangbrood
PUBLISHER: Bumble Books
ENG: 978-0-9802610-0-4

AFRIKS: 978-0-9947093-5-6
GENRE: Children’s 0-8 years
SIZE: A4 210 x 210 mm
PAGES: 28 FORMAT: Soft cover
RRP: 149.00


About the author/illustrator:

Goggy Bakes Banana Bread is John Macfarlane's first picture book for infants and parents.
Born and educated in South Africa, John is married with four children, a cat, and Goggy and lives in Rochester New York.

Goggy Bakes Banana Bread

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