Bumble Cat 2019_20 cover low res
The Sock Rat
Farrah is not a dalmatian
My Great Expedition
Die Sokkierot
Goggy Bakes Banana Bread
Rocking Rosetta
Oom Kallas and the Tortoises
The Baby Brother Curse
Bumble Book Club Colouring Book
Mu's Wolf Problem
Die Bababoetie-Gedoente
Rainbow's Heart
Vumile and the Dragon
Farrah is Nie N Dalmation Nie
Ek is Alex
Table Mountain's Holiday
Annie Learns to Swim
The Possibilitree
Annie Leer Swem
I am Alex

The Bumble Books Buy-one-Donate-one Literacy Campaign will continue in 2022 with 6 brand new titles for release in May/June!

For every Bumble Book you buy featuring the BODO logo, Bumble will donate the same book to one of the literacy projects it supports.

Let's get South African children reading!

Here are the first 6 BUMBLE BODO titles from 2021

P&B Cover.jpg
Cheeky Cover E LO.jpg
BB_SONG COV E lo.jpg
Rescue_cov_lo res.jpg

New Bumble titles in production!

  • The Donkey who fooled the World - AH Benjamin and Adri Haese

  • The Night the World made a BIG Mistake - Robin Stuart-Clark

  • Mr Fitchelstein's Safari Company - Lauri Kubuitsile and Elizabeth Pulles

  • A Very Special Cake - A Little 5 Tale No.: 3 - Janina Pechova 

  • A Lesson for Elephants - A Little 5 Tale No.: 4 - Janina Pechova 

The Bumble Books 2021 catalogue is now available FREE! 
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