In 2014 Bumble Books began publishing children’s picture books for early readers by new South African illustrators who are also writers; new illustrators and writers; as well as international children’s publications relevant to South African children.


Bumble Books looks for literary and artistic merit that is fun, lively and entertaining without being overly moralistic or didactic. Most narratives carry some form of message but this is not essential to our criteria for selection. In this way Bumble can offer parents and children from diverse backgrounds across the world exciting, imaginative and visual stories as well as provide a platform to showcase new South African children’s writer-illustrators internationally.


Similarly, by publishing selected international children’s picture books, Bumble Books offers South African parents and children an alternative view of the world. Bumble can then help promote a greater understanding of cultural differences beyond our own borders.


Bumble Books also publishes books which encourage the conservation of our natural heritage. We believe that it is important to have a visual and verbal platform to develop a consciousness of our landscape and its history.

Bumble is committed to improving literacy in South Africa through The Bumble Books Buy-one-Donate-one (BODO) Literacy Campaign. For every BODO branded Bumble title sold, Bumble will donate a copy of the same title to a literacy project it supports.

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